About Us

Our Goals

  • Empower students to become independent and serve others, while they enjoy learning about nature.
  • Engage the business community to impact future leaders.
  • Promote responsible stewardship of the environment and natural resources.

Our Vision

To truly make our community and country great again through business, free enterprise, applied knowledge, and taking action.

To end welfare, dependency, handouts, and other failed policies by developing true wealth and independence through empowered business leaders and entrepreneurs.     

To work in partnership with businesses and students to achieve personal success and enrich the community.

To promote principles and foundations that our country was originally founded upon:

  • Business: the pure and voluntary exchange of values
  • Education
  • Free Enterprise
  • Capitalism
  • Empowerment

Our Mission

To educate children in our system of founding ideals, free enterprise, and compassionate capitalism, empowering them to build a future free from dependency, welfare, and lack.   

To help students develop the skills and thought process to become independent, serving, and self-sufficient adults.

To provide to students:

  • Outdoor and environmental education
  • Responsible stewardship of the environment and natural resources
  • Reconnection and first exposure to nature, wildlife, and the great outdoors.